May 10, 2011

A Small Correction...

Dear Readers;

Last week, Pastor shared a childhood story about the "Rube Goldberg Machine" he rigged in his bedroom with a stuffed camel, a span of string, and an office chair. I am sure you were as dazzled by this technical feat as he was.

But as his wife, I cannot stay silent. I feel it is my duty to share with you the "rest of the story". You see, while last week's story showcased his engineering brilliance, it does make one wonder. Why would this young boy spend so much time in his room in the first place? Why would he be so intent on rigging up a device to check the comings and goings of his bedroom? What's going on here?

Well let me answer these little questions for you. Because I actually have heard this little story before. But I heard it from another person ...from his mother. She, too, remembers walking into the room and seeing his little "machine". But instead of being dazzled by his technical genius, she was actually quite a bit angry.

You see, little David's room was always in constant disarray. She had cajoled, punished, and set ultimatums for David to clean the room. But you know how some boys are. David's room was only clean when mom cleaned it. One day she had had enough. The messy room had to be cleaned. She sent David to his room with strict instructions to clean it. He was not to come out until it was spotless. So David went into the room and closed the door and spent all day there. So at the end of the day when David finally did come out of the room, his mother was expecting a very clean and spotless room. Instead she found out that little David had spent the entire day building his little "Rube Goldberg Machine".

This story makes me think of how we are with God. He finds us in our sin, the disarray of our lives. Rather than deal with the sin, we devise intricate ways to keep God out. We ignore the truth, build traps, and wallow in the mess we've created.

Pastor claims not to remember how the story ends, although it is clear he did not remain in his room forever. He did eventually leave his room, graduate from school and get married, though his penchant for engineering marvels did not diminish. I know his mother had grace on her young son, just like the grace God has given us. All our messy lives, our self-entrapping webs, our avoidance techniques are no longer an issue through our big brother, Jesus. Through His death and resurrection, He cleaned up our mess. He opens the door and lets us out. We are free!

And now you know the "rest of the story". Just thought I should set the record straight.


Jennifer Hook

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