May 27, 2011

The Parable of the Lost Coins

Sometimes I get really down on mankind. Do you ever read the paper or watch the evening news and think that somehow we've descended into a lower state of civilization? It always seems that the bad news overshadows the good news by about 100 to 1. As my wife would say, "We're going to Infernus in a handbasket".

And then there are weeks when hope is restored. This was such a week.

Josh Ferrin is an artist who recently purchased a home in Bountiful City, Utah. While exploring the new house, he opened an access panel in the workshop. There he discovered eight ammunition boxes. They contained over $40,000 in cash, stocks, bonds and coins. Wanting to teach his kids about honesty and knowing that his conscience would bother him if he kept the money, Josh returned it to the previous owner. It turns out the previous owner had died, but had 6 kids, 26 grandkids, 41 great grandkids, and 1 great-great.

And in Greece on Wednesday, an unnamed British woman found a briefcase with 20,000 Euros cash. She found the briefcase on the side of the road after shopping at a supermarket outside of Kerkyra and turned it in to the local authorities. The briefcase also had a cell phone which enabled the police to call the owner. Apparently the money was for the staff payroll.

And lastly there's Ashley Donaldson. She is a fifteen-year-old Plano, Texas high school student. She found $2,000 cash in an envelope at the Pavillion Shopping Center in North Dallas. Even though she and her family could really have used the money, she turned it over to the Dallas-Fort Worth Police Department. After three months of searching for the owner, they were not able to find him.

But this last story doesn't have a happy ending. Instead of returning the money back to the finder, the Dallas Police Department has decided to keep it. In their statement they said that they have better uses for the money. Infernus, Infernus, handbasket.

It's pretty sad when even the happy stories have bad endings. But that is part of life on this earth. Luther said we live in a "veil of tears". But the good news is that Jesus conquered infernus and has placed us in a holy handbasket that is headed for our true home. It's a place where nothing is ever found because nothing is ever lost. We'll be in the presence of the Creator of the Universe and with eternal joy and peace.


Pastor David Hook

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