May 24, 2011

What a stud...

I just stared at it. How did that get there? I had been searching and searching for so long, that I had long given up on the search. And yet there it was before my eyes. I picked it ran my hands over it. What was once lost was now found.

A stud finder is an important part of any homeowner's toolkit. Whenever you want to hang anything heavy on a wall, it is important to drill into the framing of the wall. By tracking this device along a wall, you can map out the framing behind the wallboard and make sure you only drill once.

A stud finder is also a fun device to leave lying around in the house. How many times did one of my children pick it up and say, "Hey dad. What's this?" I would reply, "It's a stud finder. Watch" and I would rub it over my stomach and say, "Beep, beep, beep, looks like it found one."

But mine was gone.

When you first move into a house, there are lots of things that need to be hung on a wall. I searched and searched for the stud finder but could not find it. It wasn't with any of my tools. It wasn't in any of the boxes. I contemplated purchasing a new one, but that would be ridiculous. I kept searching. Until one day, I decided that it must have gotten lost in the move. It was gone forever.

But then one day, years later, it just showed up. It was a miracle. I was so happy, I danced around the house.

That must be how Janet Maffucci felt. She had a car stolen from her. After filing a police report, the Trenton, New Jersey woman believed it was gone forever. Until this week. She received a phone call from the California Highway Patrol telling her that her car had been recovered. She was in shock. The car had been stolen from the post office where her father worked 1975!

That's how it goes when something is lost. We'll search for a while, but if we can't find it, we assume it's gone forever. There are better things to do with our time.

But God never gives up the search. He is always seeking the lost. He sent His only son into our world to find us. And He will never sleep until all the lost are found.


Pastor David Hook

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