Oct 11, 2011

Island of Death

Come with me to the Bahamas.  You are relaxing on a deserted tropical Island with coconut trees creating a perfect shade canopy.  The cool breeze gently tickles your hair as the temperature remains a constant 78 degrees.  There are no cell phones, no motorcars, not a single luxury.  You’re Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be.

Most people love Islands.  Hawaii, Nantucket, Australia – they have a certain allure. If someone says, “Let’s go visit an Island”, most people respond, “I’ll start packing”.  Islands are jazzy.

But not all Islands are wonderful.  In fact, last week the Hook family visited an Island that is downright scary.  It is located in Seabrook Texas, between Houston and Galveston.  It is not surrounded at all by water.  In fact the closest water is outside the kitchen window.  It’s the Island of Death and it exists in my Mother-in-Law’s kitchen.

We first became aware of the Island of Death on our first visit to Jennifer’s parent’s house.  It was the week after Christmas and her kitchen Island was filled with every Christmas cookie, tart and pastry imaginable.  Being a good son-in-law I did my level best to make a serious dent in this confectionary constellation.   But something awful happened overnight.  When we awoke the next morning, the Island was refilled!  Magical creatures replenished every plate, jar and bowl.  This went on every night for a week.  When I returned home, I had gained at least 50 pounds.  That’s when Jennifer named it… the Island of Death.

This happens every time we visit.  So we made a plan.  We would visit only if there were NO Island of Death.  My dear sweet mother-in-law agreed. 

I was so proud of her when we arrived.  She only had a simple plate of cookies on the Island.  I had two or three and didn’t think much of it.  But I began to realize something by Day 2.  The cookie plate kept refilling.  That’s when we realized that my Mother-in-law had baked 500 chocolate chip cookies and was secretly refilling the plate every time it got low.  “Mother” we cried.  “It’s still an Island of death whether you are serving 50 different types of cookies or one!”

In Heaven there won’t be an Island of Death.  There may be an Island filled with all the good things that God wants to give us.  But this Island will be different.  We will be able to eat and eat until our heart’s content and it won’t go to our waistline.  It will be a true Island Paradise. 

There will be no Death because Jesus will have conquered Death forever!


Pastor David Hook

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