Oct 18, 2011

Trunk Or Treat Guidelines


Sunday, Oct 23, is the last chance to sign-up your trunk, stop by the Trunk Or Treat table. You can pick up information/guidelines for your trunks, and have your questions answered before or after the service on Sunday. Or you can read the guidelines here by clicking on Read More.

Guidelines for Trunk decorators


  • Please arrive between 3:15 – 3:30.  Anyone arriving after 3:45pm will NOT be able to park in the main trunk area as it will be closed to car traffic to ensure the safety of our guests.
  • Dave Krieger will be at the front of the trunk area.  Please check in with him to receive your spot assignment.


(For all businesses attending Trunk or Treat)

  • Please ensure you have enough candy for the entire event.  Keep in mind that we are expecting 1100 or more guest and plan your candy accordingly as CLV will NOT be able to provide candy for you.
  • Please ensure that your trunk and advertising are appropriate for a church sponsored event.


  • In the past, it has been windy during T or T, so you want to bring something to secure your decorations.
  • You want to bring; sunscreen, comfortable shoes, water and chairs.
  • There will be a friendly competition for 1st and 2nd prize for decorated trunks that will be judged by the Rincon Valley Fire Fighters and announced Sunday, Nov. 6th in church.  So feel free to be as creative as you like!
  • Please bring a bucket or large container so that the candy team can refill your candy supply throughout the event.
  • We have purchased $500 of candy for CLV trunks, however, last year we had over 1000 guests, so to ensure that you don’t run short, please bring approximately 8lbs of candy for your trunk in case it’s needed.
  • Dave and Tiffany will be wearing bright yellow t-shirts for easy visibility throughout the event.  We will circulate continuously and will refill candy as needed.
  • T or T ends at 6pm.  Please remember to pick up any trash you see in the vicinity of your car.  Take care pulling out of your spot, in case there are little ones still around.
  • Remember, HAVE FUN!!! Thanks for participating, you make all the difference!!!
  • Questions, comments, suggestions? Call Dave or Tiffany 520-203-8527.

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