Oct 11, 2011

What Controls Your Life?

We searched for hours and couldn’t find it. We looked in the kitchen.  We looked under the couch cushions.  We looked under the couch.  We looked in every conceivable place we could think of and were unsuccessful.  We all sat on the couch looking dumbfounded.  What were we going to do? 

Today’s televisions are way too complicated.  When I was a kid, there were three buttons on the TV -  an on-off switch, a volume control and a channel changer.  It didn’t get more complicated than that.  But today’s televisions are so complicated you simply cannot put that many buttons on the television.  So the manufacturers have done something clever.  They’ve moved the buttons onto the remote.  It works really well.  Unless you lose the remote!

The down side to this is that it is not possible to turn on our television without the remote control.  And change the channel?  Forget it!  I’m told the television has a few basic buttons, but I don’t know where they are.  I could look at the directions, but we’ve lost them too.  So if you lose the remote, you’re dead in the water.

Now if you lose a cordless telephone it is a very simple process to find it.  I have a button on my cordless phone base that says, “Handset Locator”.  If I push this, the cordless phone begins to ring and I can find it.  The television manufacturers should do the same for a television remote control. It would be better than calling the police.

That’s what a Greeley, Colorado woman did. Last week, an unidentified Greeley woman was in trouble. She couldn’t find the remote control and so she called the Greeley Police Department.  They arrived at the house and helped her go through the house looking for the remote.  It was found in the kitchen drawer.  According to the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper, the lady stated that she doesn’t like to misplace things.

I wonder if this frustrates God.  It must be really difficult for Him when the whole Hook family is looking for the remote.  He must want to scream out, “Look on the kid’s bathroom sink”.  Or maybe He’s happy. It turns out we decided to play cards instead.  And God smiled.


Pastor David Hook

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