Nov 16, 2011

Picture Day


Sunday, December 11th we will be having our first Picture Day.  On this day we will have a special set-up just for this.  We are striving to be able to take pictures of all the people who are attending our church to put into the Photo Album.

This album is kept at the back of the church each Sunday for people to browse in to learn the names of people attending CLV.  We are missing a number of people, and also need to update a number of families.  Thank you for helping to make this a success.  Also, If you do not like the picture, Neva will be delighted to take a different picture.  No problem if you are unable to make it that day.  Neva is able to take pictures any Sunday in the back of the church.  Remember the date: 12-11-11!! Hope to see you then.

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