Nov 16, 2011

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

I remember my mother once telling me to always tell the truth.  She said once you start lying, it’s hard to remember what you’ve told to whom.  But even though that was great advice, I didn’t always follow it when I was growing up.  It took quite a few more years before I realized the wisdom of always telling the truth.  Jesus once said, “the truth shall set you free”.  Well it might also make you richer.

Back in 2008, FOX Television announced the beginning of a new show called, “Nothing But the Truth”. Based on a very popular game show in Columbia, contestants would be asked a series of 21 personal questions, each one becoming more and more personal. The contestant’s family is seated in the audience making it difficult to tell a lie.  If the contestants answer all the questions truthfully, they get $50,000.  And how do we know they are telling the truth?  They are hooked up to a sophisticated lie detector system. 

But the show never happened.  I wonder why?  It could be that Americans have a much more boring life than Columbians.  Or maybe American families don’t know the intimate details of each other like Columbian families do.  But it is quite possible that lie detectors aren’t reliable.  The National Academy of Sciences believes that lie detector technology provides too many false results to be reliable.

I don’t think I would want to go on this show.  Even though I try to tell the truth, there are parts of my life that I would not want revealed to the world.  Think of the questions they could ask!  Of course, in life, when someone asks you an embarrassing question, you can simply choose not to answer it.  But I’m sure the lure of cold cash would have enticed people to answer questions that they never would have dreamed of.

There is One, however, who knows all about you.  He doesn’t need a sophisticated lie detector system to find out if you lying or not.  He knows every hair on your head, your every action and every thought.  You have never been able to hide anything from Him.  He knows all the lies you have ever told.  He knew that sin in this world makes it difficult for you to tell the truth.  So He came to this earth to live a life without lies.  And His truthful life redeems you.  His truth shall set you free.


Pastor David hook

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