Dec 15, 2011

Being Tebow-ed

It's a fluke, really. The Broncos now lead the AFC West. Their defense is ranked 19th and their passing game is ranked 31st. Yet with all of this, they have won seven of the last eight games with Tim Tebow starting as quarterback. It is easy to point to the other teams and explain why. Except for maybe the New York Jets, the Broncos really haven't faced stiff competition. The team isn't really that good? Are they?

But there's something about Tim Tebow. He's a devout Christian. And I mean devout. He puts "John 3:16" on his facepaint. I heard that this caused over 92 million Google searches as people looked the verse up to find out what it meant. In every interview, he always gives thanks " my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ".

And then there's Tebowing. It's when Tim Tebow takes the knee in prayer giving thanks to God. It has taken on a life of its own. There are now websites of people doing the Tebow and posting the picture on the internet.

But if you listen closely to his interviews, he is humble. He doesn't think he's the world's-greatest quarterback. (Actually, that would be John Elway). He knows that something else is at play. The press is having a field-day mocking Christianity as if God favors the Broncos because of Tebow. But if God is doing anything miraculous in Denver –it has a lot more to do with Tim's character than as his ability as a quarterback.

The team has really galvanized with Tim in the pocket. Even when Stephen Tulloch of the Detroit Lions sacked Tebow and then mocked him by doing the Tebow, the Denver Quarterback just laughed it off. It says a lot about someone when they always take the high road. I'm sure that plays as well in the huddle as it does in life. And if by some great miracle the Broncos continue winning it will be because of the character and momentum. Skills and abilities only take you so far.

In fact, you could be the greatest quarterback of all time and not have favor in God's eyes. Because God looks at the heart. And in the heart, we all fall short. Tim Tebow knows this. When you realize that God does it all through Jesus Christ, it makes you humble, grateful, and many times a great leader. That's part of the miracle in the Mile High City.

The Broncos face the Patriots today. The Broncos will either continue an amazing winning streak or it will all end today. But even if they lose, God will continue to love Tim Tebow. And I will too!


Pastor David Hook

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