Feb 16, 2012

Being Pursued

I didn't know if I should continue running or if I should turn around and return fire. The enemy was relentlessly pursuing me. He had already shot me twice and his next shot would be fatal. The enemy approached and stood before me, grinning. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't run. I couldn't hide. I didn't even know how to use my weapon. That was a fatal mistake. I disappeared from the computer screen. "John!!"

I really enjoyed video games in high school. In fact, I would take Jennifer on a date to the local video arcade. I would play Space Invaders or Galaga and she would sit on the bench watching me. I thought it was great fun. She thought I was a loser.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that I couldn't have a relationship in the real world and continue playing video games in my pretend world. So, I gave them up. But that was long before I had children of my own. Now they are experts on all games and they want me to play with them. But every time I play, I am decimated. I am so inept it is almost comical. They let me play for a bit and then they release me from my misery.

But the worst is my fourth-born. While his siblings will allow me some leeway, he never does. "I'm sorry Dad, I can't just not shoot you". I don't know if I have ever scored any points against him. Well, at least it's over quickly.

My son started a club at school and we made a bet. I bet him that if Christ Lutheran Vail got approval from the County before his club got approval from the school, he would have to go out with me on an activity of my choice. If his club got started first, I would play his video game. Well, his club has been meeting for three weeks. I am warming up my fingers. Maybe I can score one point!

I recently came across a newsfeed about the Prime Minister of Lithuania. One of the country's video game designers added him as a terminator-style warrior to popular video game. But what I found fascinating is this: Apparently his wife loves to play the game and shoot him. She says it is great therapy.

I wonder how Jesus would have played video games. As a perfect man, he would have had perfect skill, timing and could take out anyone at will. But as a God of grace, certainly he would have loved his enemies and turned the other cheek. Or maybe, since he was all about face-to-face relationships, he would have thrown the whole thing in the trash and gone outside to pursue us. Not to kill us, but to give us abundant life.


Pastor David Hook

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