Feb 23, 2012

Tackle Football

A British Bulldog is a muscular dog with a wrinkled face and pushed-in nose. The British Bulldogs was a wrestling team in the mid-1980s consisting of two cousins: Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith. But in my lifetime, British Bulldogs nearly killed me. No, not the small dog and no, not the professional wrestling team. I'm talking about the best game of tag ever invented!

On Monday nights my brother and I would attend Boy Scouts at the local Methodist church. On most nights, we would begin the evening with a game of British Bulldog. The rules of the game are simple. One lonely person stands in the middle of the field – he's the bulldog. As people run from one end zone to the other, the bulldog tackles them and they become bulldogs. This keeps going until the end of the game when the field is filled with bulldogs and one lonely person is trying to avoid them.

The game was tackle football without a football. It was loads of fun, but it was quite deadly. In fact, it has been banned in most schools because of injuries.

Now I should tell you that as a grade-school kid, I was by far the smallest in my class. This made it really difficult when I was the Bulldog at the beginning of the game. When I went to tackle someone I just latched on to their leg and I was dragged across the field. I felt like a gnat on an elephant.

But there was my friend Bruce. He was my age and only a little bigger than me – so if I tried really hard, I could tackle him. And once he was a bulldog, the two of us could get the next guy. Eventually we'd get them all.

That's also the way to tackle problems in life. When you have a whole team of problems trying to get past you, ignore the big ones and tackle just one small one. Then the confidence of that victory will propel you to the next one and the next one. Pretty soon, there won't be a problem that you can't handle.

But as you are out on the field, don't forget one important point. You are not alone. Because standing right beside you on the field is the best team player ever. He never leaves your side. And together there is no problem that you both can't handle.


Pastor David Hook

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