May 15, 2012

Apocalypse Now

What do you do with an abandoned Missile Silo? Well, if you’re developer Larry Hall, you turn it into an upscale self-contained condominium development. That way, when the end of the world arrives, you are prepared!
This strange new development is being constructed in an abandoned Atlas-F Missile Silo in Kansas. There will be eight floors for living quarters and many other floors for food storage and production. There will be enough dry food to feed 70 people for 5 years. But that will be supplemented by a fish farm and vegetable garden that will feed the 70 people indefinitely. A complex life support system will keep everything in balance.


Apparently the market for this is strong and the $2 million dollar price tag is not a deterrent. They are mostly being snatched up by “Preppers”, suburban millionaires who are getting ready for total and complete societal breakdown due to natural disaster, terrorism, economic collapse or pandemics.
No offense, but you can count me out. Not just because the price is high, but think about it. To begin with you must move to the missile silo and start living there or make certain you have the transportation means to get there. If there is total chaos outside, chances of reaching this secure haven are slim. And moving to the middle of Kansas now doesn’t seem all that appealing.
And then there’s the food. OK I like vegetables and I enjoy fish. But could I really live on them for 5 years? Back about 10 years ago, I did the Atkins diet and lost 45 pounds. It is a great diet and you might think that eating meat for three meals a day is great. But I couldn’t eat CHOCOLATE and all I wanted was to sink my teeth into a donut! No, God gave food variety for a reason.
But that’s not the worst of it. I can’t even imagine living underground for five years. It may be chaos outside, but I would start pacing the floor after about 5 hours, let alone 5 days or 5 years. “Ah, but you’ll be alive”, you might say. Yes, but what a horrible life living like Druids while civilization decays around you. “You’ll be the first Adam in the new civilization”. Well, I’m not so sure civilization could stand my gene pool.
No, if it gets that bad, then leave me topside. I might not be able to solve the coming disaster, but I could provide a helping hand and do all I can to minister in a lost and hurting world. And if that means that I won’t survive, then it’s OK. I have a better condominium waiting for me in my Father’s house. And someday you and I will be there feasting with The King for eternity.
Pastor David Hook

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