May 9, 2012

Chemical Communication

Jennifer says it’s pheromones. You know – those little chemicals that are emitted by animals to help order their world. Studies show that humans have them also – even though we can’t detect them. So I agree with Jennifer. It’s pheromones. How else do you explain it?

An example of pheromones comes from the Ant world. When they leave the anthill, ants lay down a small chemical trail that is followed by other ants. As more ants use the trail, the amount of chemicals deposited becomes greater creating a network of invisible trails. That’s why when you kill ants, other ants will come take their place. The only way to get rid of ants is to get rid of the chemical trail left behind. The trail is filled with pheromones.

So what do pheromones have to do with my life? I think I emit them when I am stressed. And when I am stressed, the whole entire animal kingdom arrives in my life.

I have noticed this with my dog, Emily. I can work all morning on my computer and she’ll be in the other room. But when I am in a real big time crunch, she’ll come to my side and demand attention. It’s like she has a sixth-sense. My wife and children do the same thing. They seem to demand more attention when I am stressed. Over the years – Jennifer and I have concluded that there is a sixth sense – it’s pheromones. We can’t smell them, but when I am burdened, the animal kingdom notices my “stress pheromones” and wants to come to my aid.

But lately it hasn’t been Emily or my kids but the gnats. Every year we get gnats in the house. They are a pain, but we are trying to live with them. But I have noticed recently that they always fly around my head most when I am stressed or under a deadline. I think they can smell my stress. It must be the Pheromones! How else do you explain it?

But Praise God there is someone else who can detect my stress. When I am under a critical deadline or weighed down about something, there is someone else who desires to be with me. There is someone else who wants to unload my burdens and fill me with love. His presence cannot be detected by looking for a chemical residue, but I know that He is there surrounding me. He is there not to demand my attention, but to give His.


Pastor David Hook



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