May 11, 2012

Day 6 - May 12, 2012

Day 6 – May 12, 2012

The closest Tucson Walmart is at the intersection of Speedway and Kolb.  According to Google Maps, it is 20.0 miles away and will take 34 minutes to get there.  The Benson Walmart  is 27.3 miles away.  But while it is a farther distance, Google Maps says it should only take 30 minutes to get there.  In other words, the Benson Walmart is 7 miles farther, but 4 minutes closer.  (Or about 10 minutes closer if Jennifer is driving!)

So if Jennifer says she is going to Walmart, I always ask which one she is going to.  Because if she is going to the Tucson Walmart – I think of it as a trip to the local supermarket and no big deal.  But if she says she is going to the Benson Walmart, I’ll usually drop whatever I am doing and go with her.  Why?  Because the Benson Walmart isn’t a simple trip – it’s an adventure!

So when you pray – which kind of prayer are you doing?  Are you going to the Tucson Walmart   …praying because you need to pick up a few things?  Or are you going to the Benson Walmart …praying because you are excited to go on an adventure with God.    

May our prayer life not be one of menial obligation.  But may we see it as an opportunity for us to get in the car with God and go on an amazing journey together.


Pastor David


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