May 9, 2012

iCame, iSaw, iConquered...

If you go to the Milwaukee Zoo don’t miss the orangutan exhibit. You might catch an interesting sight. During the day, a handler will hold an iPad up to the orangutan. The animal will trace along the ipad using a paint program to create interesting drawings. Actually, the same thing happens at a zoo in Memphis, Tennessee. And soon it will happen at a zoo in Toronto. I have a small question. How come nobody gives me an iPad and wants my drawings? I’m sure I could do as well as an orangutan!

It seems everyone has an iPad these days. I can’t tell you how many meetings I go to and someone will pull out an iPad and start using it during the meeting. Are they surfing the web? Are they taking notes? Are they recording the meeting? I don’t know. But they sure can’t live without it.
I often wonder if these devices help us or enslave us. I didn’t have a computer growing up, but I sure can’t live without one. I didn’t have a cell phone either, but I freak out when I don’t have mine with me. Would an iPad be another device I simply couldn’t live without?
In 2010, 12.9 million iPads were sold in the United States. In 2011 that number increased to 36.5 million. It is projected that Apple will sell 50.4 million iPads in 2012. That’s a total of 100 million iPads – or roughly one iPad for every 3.5 people. At this rate, in a couple of years, everyone person and orangutan in the United States will have an iPad. We’ll all be slaves to Apple. Then some cool guy in a trench coat will ask us if we want to take the red pill or the blue pill. (Sorry if this reference doesn’t make sense – but it’s from the movie The Matrix. Look it up on you iPad)
All of this technology will dramatically change things. I read an interesting article about where we’re headed. Someday, we’ll all have personal computers that we will carry around with us – maybe as glasses. They will be able to take a blood sample, temperature and blood pressure. If we’re not feeling well, the computer will ask us questions and diagnose diseases. We’ll be able to have conversations with people who speak different languages. We’ll be able to have video chats with people who live in remote places of the world. We’ll all be connected.
It will be Utopia. Right? Well, even if computers can run every aspect of our lives, they won’t help us run perfectly. We’ll make mistakes in relationships, fight each other for power and mess up time and again. But our iPad can’t forgive or redeem us. Only Jesus will be able to do that. And He does.
Pastor David Hook

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