Jun 5, 2012

Well Begun is half done

It’s not that I am lazy, I just have low standards when it comes to Home Improvement. For example, I put in an attic staircase in the garage. It’s made of natural wood. If someone else had put this up, I am sure they would have painted it white – like the rest of the garage ceiling. But that would be a whole other step requiring whole other tools. I’ll get back to that.


Once it’s functional, I’m done. The thermocouple on our hot water heater went out a few years ago. We really need hot water in the Hook household, so I went to Ace Hardware and found a thermocouple that would work. Now in my hot water heater the thermocouple is part of a housing unit so I really had to be ingenious to get this thermocouple to work. I rigged up a solution that looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book. But the whole family was happy we had hot water. I then went online and found out that a replacement thermocouple for my unit was almost ten times what I paid for it at Ace Hardware! I figure the rigged solution will work – even though it doesn’t look pretty.

That’s why a recent article out of Burnsville, Minnesota scares me. Officials there have really thrown the book at Mitch Faber. He was arrested, forced to pay a high bail, and released under electronic monitoring. His crime? He did not put proper siding on his house. Apparently he started to re-side the house but the economy turned south in 2008 and he stopped. That will teach him!

I received a notice from my homeowners association last year that the stucco on the west side of my house was peeling off. It’s true. This side gets direct sunlight in the evening and the stucco was peeling off in sheets. I thought it was the sun, but when I talked to Bob Jarvis, he said that stucco shouldn’t do that. Thank goodness! When I contacted the home builder they restucco’d that side of the house and then repainted the whole house! (Unfortunately I couldn’t get them to paint the attic staircase in the garage.) But if the homebuilder hadn’t come through, I can guarantee you that the stucco would still be peeling off to this day.

It’s strange because in other things I am pretty much a perfectionist, but for some reason home improvements don’t fall in that category. When it’s good enough then it’s good enough.

But God is a perfectionist. He wants everything in our lives to be done correctly. The problem is I don’t have enough time to get everything right. But because Jesus did get everything right, someday I’ll either live in a house than never decays or have more than enough time to get back to all those unfinished home improvement projects.


Pastor David


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