Jul 10, 2012

A Healing Touch?

It was a hot Mediterranean day and the sun was high overhead. The heat did not stop people from stopping to get a glimpse of the man. They knew he had traveled a long distance to be with them. As he passed by, people only wanted to touch his him. To be noticed. Many had put their hopes and dreams in this one man. Could he be the one?

From far off she saw him. She had planned this moment from the moment she heard he was coming. She simply had to reach out and touch him or all would be lost. As he drew near she pondered her situation. He did not come alone. He was surrounded by men who obviously traveled this distance with him. They scanned the crowd. Were they looking for danger? She did not have an evil thought in her head. She only wanted to touch him. To be noticed. When he was only a few feet away, she made her move. She leaped through the guardians and embraced this wonderful man.

At first he didn’t know what happened. Who was this woman and what did she want? How could this woman get through his entourage? The man turned to his head guardian and scowled. “You were supposed to protect me from women like this!” The head guardian felt shame. But then again, it’s hard to keep women away from this man. Women everywhere want to embrace Brad Pitt. Venice Italy is no different. The guardians quickly took the woman aside.

A few thousand years ago, the scene was the same, but the reaction was different. In Mark 5:25 we read of a woman who had been sick for twelve years. When she heard Jesus was coming she made her move and reached out to touch Jesus. Jesus stopped the crowd and asked His disciples, “Who touched me?” The woman came trembling forward and told Jesus that she had touched Him. Jesus said, “Your faith has healed you. Go in peace”.

Our Savior does not shun us away when we need to be in His presence. Unlike Mr. Pitt, He welcomes all who wish to draw near. He welcomed children, foreigners, outcasts and outlaws. You are His greatest treasure. He loves you so much that He gave His life for you. No movie star, no matter how handsome, would ever do that.


Pastor David Hook

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