Jul 3, 2012

Day 39 - June 14

Day 39 - June 14, 2012

Today's devotion talks about God's people sharing their faith not by Bible beating, but by listening to people's needs and responding to them. When people see that we care, then they see that He cares. This is the point at which we can begin to tell them that Jesus is our Answer - that Jesus heals us, He feeds us, He is our friend, He is our Savior. In Him we lack nothing.

Although we lack nothing in Christ, we usually don't have explanations for many things we see in this world. My first inclination is to start trying to explain a situation and cast a "Christian" light on it. I've learned the hard way that the "easy" answers often lack the ability to comfort the suffering. It is like the difference between a pretty painted picture and the real thing. Seeing a painting of a beautiful lake is pleasant but doesn't do much if you need a drink. If you are thirsty you need the real thing. In hard situations I ask the Lord for help in comforting the suffering. The comfort that I then give may very well include my admission that while I know God is in control I really don't understand HIm.

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