Jul 12, 2012

Energy Madness

I was miserable. I had a headache, sore muscles and lethargy. I was also quite irritable – which for a Pastor isn’t a good quality. You might think I had the flu, but you’d be wrong. No it was simple caffeine withdrawal.

There was a time in my 30s when I would drink about 15 to 20 large mugs of the stuff a day. But I knew something was wrong when my hands started shaking in the afternoon. People thought I was at the leading edge of some disease or something, so I cut down my intake. I decided that I would only have coffee before lunch. So I would fill up with 15 to 20 large mugs of coffee before noon! The buzz would carry me through till midnight.
Then about 6 years ago, I decided that I would give up caffeinated coffee altogether. It was horrible. Besides the headaches and irritability, the strangest thing was the blood pressure. I didn’t have any. For the first few days I felt like fainting all the time. But eventually my body adjusted.
Now regular drip coffee has about 18 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. Decaffeinated coffee cuts that down to 0.3 mg/oz. Believe it or not, there are energy drinks out there that have much, much more. There is a drink called Fix Extreme Ultra Shot. It has 2353 mg per ounce of caffeine. This is the stuff that will awake Lazarus.
Diet Dr. Pepper, on the other hand, has a measly 3.4 mg per fluid ounce. That is roughly one fourth the caffeine than coffee. But over the last year, I have begun to drink more and more Diet Dr. Pepper. It’s that caffeine kick. It got to the point where last month, I was consuming about a six-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper a day! I was buying so much I was depleting the stores. It’s pretty bad when you clean out the store of all the Diet Dr. K (The Fry’s Brand) and people ask you, “are you going to drink all of that? Can I have one?” and you answer, “NOOOO!”
So last week I decided to quit. Cold Turkey. I shared the last can with my Jennifer and through it in the trash. But as the headaches started, I dug through the trash for all the old empty cans and tried to get all the dregs at the bottom. I was really miserable.
But Jesus carried me through, as He always does. He forgives me of my snippy-ness and holds me in His arms. He does that whenever we are going through anything rough.
Pastor David

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