Aug 2, 2012

A Stranger Among Us

What would you do if a stranger were living in your house? Undetected. What if this person hid in the attic while you were in the house but came out to eat your food when you were sleeping or away? It sounds like a horror story, doesn’t it?

Well chalk it up to the bizarre society we live in. Two young girls have done just that. They have posted on the internet their adventures of living in other people’s homes undetected. These two girls have videotaped themselves living in another’s house eating their food, using their showers, and going through their things. It is the latest in voyeurism. These two girls have given a name to this outlandish behavior… phrogging.

But the law is clear that if someone is in your house, you may assume intent to malice and you can severely prosecute these people. You might even be justified to do physical harm to them. What could these two young girls be thinking? They are playing with fire.

Well after a considerable amount of hype, the girls did an interview recently and exposed that the whole incident was a hoax. It never happened. They just filmed a movie to make it seem real. That reiterates what we tell our children all the time, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

I wonder if this incident will prompt copycats. At some point will we learn of other people emulating this activity? It’s a bit unnerving.

But there is someone living in our houses, though. He doesn’t have to sneak in through doors or windows. He is with you when you eat, sleep, take a shower, or brush your teeth. And when you do something you shouldn’t be doing, He is there in the room watching you. But He is also there to call upon in any situation. When you’ve had a bad day, or need help with a struggle or simply need someone to talk to, He is always there willing to listen and to give you strength.

May He always walk with you.


Pastor David Hook

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