Aug 13, 2012


Life expectancy in the United States continues to rise. The latest government report, using data from 2005, shows the life expectancy for Americans increased to 78 years. Life expectancy has continued to increase for a long time. For example the life expectancy in 1955 was about 70 years.

This is due, in part, to the decline in deaths from our nation’s two leading killers -heart disease and stroke. On the other hand, deaths due to cancer, continue to rise. The study also showed an increase in the rates for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Women continue to live about 5 years longer than for men. Why is that?

Of course this is the statistical average. Half will live longer and half will not. But by broad measures, this generation has about seven more years than the previous one. What will we do with the time? Well, consider this:

• Jimmy Carter decided to build homes for the homeless.
• Jeanette Goldstein went back to school and graduated from Syracuse Law School at 83.
• John McCain ran for president.
• My grandmother volunteered at the church.

Whatever time God has given for you, it is a precious gift. I believe that this generation of retired people is the greatest gift for the church. They are wise, experienced, in fairly good physical shape and have a heart for service. They are not content with simply watching each day go by. They are excited about life and are living it abundantly.

Seven years can change the world. Consider this: Jesus’ whole public ministry lasted only three.

May He bless you with an abundant life, no matter how long.

Pastor David Hook

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