Aug 16, 2012

What Will The Future Hold?

I imagine that most of you know about Sir Isaac Newton. He was a brilliant scientist who formulated the law of gravity, invented Calculus and helped describe planetary motion. His theories still hold true and have explained much about the world around us. He is my favorite scientist in history.

One surprising tidbit about Newton was that apparently he was not a very good student in school. (Neither were Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison). Apparently he had no self-confidence at all. The story is told of how Newton turned his self-confidence and his grades around. There was a bully in school that always taunted Newton. One day, the bully started taunting Newton and lo and behold, Newton fought back …and won! From that day on, Newton had a newfound sense of confidence and started to take school seriously.

Now this may surprise you, but Newton was also a theologian. Aside from writing about math and science, Newton also wrote about God. I read one of Newton’s theology books in Seminary and found it quite boring. But a few years ago, several additional writings from Newton were released.
One fascinating letter dealt with the end times. Newton said he was addressing the issue “… to put a stop to the rash conjectures of fanciful men who are frequently predicting the time of the end, and by doing so bring the sacred prophesies into discredit as often as their predictions fail”. Newton determined that the end of the world could not possibly happen until 2060. “It may end later, but I see no reason for its ending sooner”, Newton wrote. I guess our generation isn’t the only one fascinated with Jesus’ return.

This letter got me thinking. What will the world look like in 2060? Or more to the point, what will Christ Lutheran Vail look like in 48 years? As I have watched this congregation grow I am convinced that with God’s guidance, we will do amazing things. I am constantly amazed by how God gave us buildings, land, people and a community to serve.

I haven’t the slightest idea of what the world will look like in 2060. I’m pretty sure I won’t be around. But God will …and He’ll still be working at Christ Lutheran Vail Church.


Pastor David Hook

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