Sep 27, 2012

A Classy Day

I simply couldn’t remember how to use it. It had been too long. It was quite frustrating.
I have a blue box in the garage marked, “Camping Gear”. The box contains odd knick-knacks and other assorted camping equipment. I pulled it out recently to review its contents. As I did, I came across what obviously looked like a one-burner stove, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember how the stove worked or what fuel it used. I got on the internet and did some research. It turns out it is a “GAZ Bleuet Butane” stove. I found the information in a section called “Vintage stoves”. Vintage? Ha!

It wasn’t that long ago I used the stove! I must have purchased the stove in college, which was about the mid-1980s. Since when did things in the 1980s become vintage? What does that make me?
The word vintage actually comes from the wine industry. When a winery makes a particularly excellent wine, people want to know the vintage, or the year and region where the grapes were grown. Since then, the word has been used for everything besides wine. According to the dictionary, if something is vintage it characterized by “Excellence, maturity, or enduring appeal”. I like that definition. But there was one description that said, “old and outdated”. I am probably closer to that definition.
Many of today’s youth like the music from the 1980s. I think they call it classic. When I was listening to it in my Chevy Vega, I never even thought that my kids would actually enjoy that music! But classic sounds, well, classy. It also sounds younger than vintage. Maybe I’m classic.
Many things get better with age. They become vintage, classic, or antique. Our children love to hear about them. But unfortunately, the GAZ Bleuet butane stove has not gotten better with age. I am sure it probably works just fine, but the parts and fuel bottle are not longer available. I guess I’ll have to sell it on Ebay. “For Sale: Vintage stove. Not very useful, but perhaps your kids will like to stare at it”.
Perhaps I am vintage. Not all my parts are working properly. And someday, replacement parts won’t be available. But to God, I am as new as the day He created me! And on the Last Day, He’ll give me a body that won’t need replacement parts. I’ll be “New and Improved”.
Pastor David

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