Sep 6, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 - September 6, 2012

In October, 2005, Christ Lutheran Vail had not started worshipping yet. We were meeting at Cienega High School for an evening dinner, fellowship, prayer and Bible Study. It was a small group of people – maybe 25 or so. There were a lot of dreams about this new church in the Vail community. We fervently prayed that God would give us direction and guidance.

LCEF is the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. It is a bank but so much more. It started years ago when Lutheran Christians realized that starting a new church took lots of capital. So Lutheran Christians decided to invest their money in the LCEF bank and then that money was lent out to churches to build. It is a win-win situation. In fact, right now regular banks are being very conservative with their lending. Some churches are not able to find money because regular banks see churches as a “commercial business” and not a ministry. But LCEF has money to lend because many Christians invest their money there. And because of their ministry mindset, we are able to get a loan at a very decent rate when a commercial bank might turn us down.

So back to October, 2005. There was an LCEF conference in Tempe, Arizona. This was a conference to host those people who were involved in LCEF at congregations throughout Arizona. I was invited to give a presentation about our little mission church in Vail. When I got there, I was blown away. I found out that the national organization of LCEF knew about our congregation. In fact, they provided demographic information about our community. But more than that, they shared that Christians throughout the United States were praying for our congregation that God would give us direction and guidance.

In my limited mind, I thought that the only people who were praying for our congregation was the 25 or so people on Sunday nights. That was a drop in the bucket! There were hundreds, maybe thousands, who were praying for us.

So won’t you join me today and pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the Christians who invest in LCEF and also for the many churches that are undertaking construction projects to further the Kingdom of God.

“O God, thank you for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund and the people who invest their money with it. Lord we pray for all congregations who undertake construction projects to bring Your Gospel message to a lost and dying world. May you give them guidance and direction and may the work they do bring more people into Your Presence”.


Pastor David

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