Sep 11, 2012

The Lost Friend

I’ve searched everywhere. I’ve looked in every bedroom and behind every piece of furniture… all to no avail. I might as well face the facts. It is simply lost. GRRRR.

We don’t realize how important even the littlest objects are in life until they’re gone. About a month ago we lost something in the Hook household – our handheld cordless phone. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it is.
We have two cordless phones. One is in the bedroom and the other is in the kitchen. This is very convenient because if a phone call comes in, you only have to travel a short distance to answer the phone. But not anymore. Now if you’re in the kitchen and hear the phone ringing, you have to practically run from the kitchen, leap over the dog, snake your way through the stuff that the kids leave by the front door, and hope you reach the bedroom phone before the ringing stops.
Now the manufacturers of phones know that sometimes people will misplace the handset so they have a clever way of finding it. If you press a button on the receiver, the handset will ring. But not this phone! We have pressed and pressed the button and no handset ringing will occur. It’s really quite frustrating. It means either the handset is dead or it simply disappeared. Maybe it fell into the trashcan and is sitting in a dump somewhere. I don’t know.
Now there are handsets available on for less than $20 – free shipping and no tax. But how do you replace a handset that you have loved and cherished for so long and replace it? Is there no loyalty anymore? Remember the parable of the lost sheep and coin? What if the owners simply acted callously and never went looking? Ok, I know it’s a bit melodramatic, but I’m a loyal guy.
So we’ll probably put up with this for the next year or so. One of two things will happen. We’ll either find the phone lodged in some unexpected place or we’ll never find it. The trouble is knowing when to let go.
But we have one who never lets go. When we are lost, He never stops looking. He seeks until He finds. And He has found You!
Pastor David

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