Feb 21, 2013

Super Sunday

Why bother watching? Without the Broncos in the game, really, what is the use?

But having nothing else to do on Super Bowl Sunday, we decided to turn on the game for background noise.

I was cheering for the Ravens, not just because there is an Edgar Allen Poe poem by the same name. But because if the Broncos are going to lose to a team – it better be to the team that wins the Super Bowl. But then something curious happened during halftime.

First, Paul Harvey brought back a flood of memories with the Dodge Ram “God Created A Farmer” commercial. Frank Luntz, head of a popular polling firm, performed a focus group on the Super Bowl commercials. The “Farmer” commercial ranked very low. Apparently people under 40 have no idea who Paul Harvey was. But it ranked very high to me. It made me want to start a farm so I could milk cows twice a day! Why aren’t there radio personalities like Paul Harvey anymore? Of course, who even listens to the radio?

But more importantly, during halftime I did some research on Colin Kaepernick. Apparently he was confirmed Lutheran and attends a Lutheran church. No way! So during halftime, I told the family that I was switching loyalty to the 49ers even though they beckon from a Godless city. And wouldn’t you know it the 49ers come back on a roll! (Well, kind of a roll – After BeyoncĂ© blew fuses throughout the stadium.)

What a game! Best last few minutes of a Super Bowl game in a long time.

I think it’s interesting how the Super Bowl Game has become the glue that brings the nation together. According to Nielson ratings, 71% of American households had the television turned to the Super Bowl. The event is filled with patriotism, pomp and circumstance. It really has become the national event.

Interestingly, studies show that, on average, about 43% of Americans attend church on any given Sunday. Because each church acts like an island, it doesn’t feel as if church-going is bringing the nation much closer together. Yet it should. If we saw all the other Christians as part of our team, how would that change us?

We are on the same team. And whether we realize it or not, we’ll spend eternity together. I wonder if I’ll get a chance to play football with Kaepernick in heaven?

Pastor David Hook

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