Apr 23, 2013

Big News!!!

The big news out of Sri Lanka makes my skin crawl. Researchers have found a new species of tarantula. The grey-colored spider has been named Poecilotheria Rajaei and is part of a genus of spiders called “Pokies” or tiger spiders. According to Peter Kirk, editor of the British Tarantula Society, “It can be quite attractive …unless spiders freak you out”. Well this one might fit that bill. This “Pokie” is a little smaller than a dinner plate!

Researchers just discovered the world’s largest tarantula.

It gives me the Heebie-Jeebies.

A number of years ago, Jennifer and I were at a cabin in northern Arizona with her brother, Todd and his wife, Kellie. While we were out on the front patio we noticed a strange sight. The floor of the forest seemed to be moving. Being the curious type, we went to investigate. It turns out the floor was moving. It was a giant tarantula migration! Thousands of tarantulas were walking across the forest floor. It was creepy. It was also cool.

In reality, tarantulas aren’t too dangerous to humans. You can actually hold one on your hand and I have done so many times. Many people keep tarantulas as pets. Their pretty great, except their main diet is crickets. Unless you love to go hunting for crickets, you have to go to a pet store and pick up a bag of crickets periodically. Then your house sounds like a cricket infestation until the tarantula gets to all of them. Oh, did I tell you we have a pet tarantula?

 But I am not sure I want to hold this new spider from Sri Lanka. It’s as big as my face! I just imagine our tarantula about four times as big and it gives me the jitters.

There is one comforting fact about all of this. According to the internet (So you know it’s true) there has not been a single recorded death of a person by a tarantula. Yes that may be fine and all, but until last week, no one even knew that this spider existed! So how can we possibly know that it hasn’t killed someone and been chalked up to some other cause??? Hmm??

Well the real comforting fact is that the spider lives in Sri Lanka. That’s an island, and I’m pretty sure tarantulas can’t swim to the United States.

And the even greater comforting fact is that God made this tarantula. So somehow and for some reason, it must be good. Even if it gives me the shivers.

Pastor David

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