Jul 30, 2013

Creation Preschool

Creation Preschool and Parent's Day Out  opens on Monday, September 16, at our location on 14600 Colossal Cave Road, in Vail.  We are now scheduling parent tours for the new school year.
 Parent's Day Out (ages 2-5) will be available M, W, and F from 8:00 - 12:00.  This class is a monthly "pay as you go", with flexible days according to availability.  Besides daily Bible stories, the discovery-based curriculum will focus on the seven essential life skills - focus and self-control, perspective taking, critical thinking, self-directed, engaged learning, taking on challenges, persistence, and communication.  Children who are three and potty trained also have the option to register for the preschool/PDO combo rate as well.
Preschool classes are M/W/F from 12:00 - 3:00 for ages 3 and self-toileting (as of Sept. 1) through 5.     Registration is for the entire school year (10 months), and tuition is be paid on a monthly basis.  Discovery-based curriculum will incorporate the STEAM principles (science, technology, engineering, arts -language and fine arts- and math).  Imbedded in the academic subjects is the reflection on the life and work of Jesus, and our responsibility to our neighbors.  Preschool children have the option to add Parent's Day Out days as needed, depending on availability, for an additional charge of $25 per day, or at the monthly PDO/Preschool combo rate.
Parent's Day Out:  4 hour class at a daily rate of $25.  Non-refundable annual registration fee is $50.
Preschool: $250 per month.  Non-refundable annual registration fee is $50.
PDO/Preschool combo rate: $400 per month
Volunteer hours may be substituted for some tuition.
Please contact the church office or email children@christlutheranvail.org to schedule a tour.

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