Oct 8, 2013

So Blessed

Christ Lutheran Vail Ministry Center
The fish weren’t biting at all. But that is OK. The worst day fishing… Well you get the idea.
On Cienega fall break, I like to do something with my son. This year we went to Patagonia Lake to relax, catch fish, and enjoy each other’s company.

While there I reflected on the events of the last two weeks. On Sunday, September 15th we dedicated our new Ministry Center. This is a big deal and a huge blessing. If you’ll remember, when we started this process we were renting a 1200 SF space inside Old Vail Station. It was very expensive and not very practical. But over the last three years, we have constructed a facility that can be used to enhance the ministries of Christ Lutheran Vail.

In the last few weeks, I watched as hundreds of people crowded into our main building to be a part of the dedication ceremony. I then watched as even more people uplifted the Malkin family during the funeral of their daughter, Natasha. I watched moms gather to hold their first MOPS meeting of the year. I watched as the early childhood children learned about Jesus. I watched as junior high children gathered to have a movie night. And during every gathering I realized how truly blessed we are to have space to conduct ministry.

Is it expensive? Well that depends. On a square foot basis our new facility is half the cost of Old Vail Station. But we have six times as much space. Of course nothing is too expensive for God. I also believe that if we do the right things for the right reason, God will continue to provide for our congregation. He has done so in the past, and I have no reason to doubt Him now.

For with our new space, we enter into a new chapter of Christ Lutheran Vail. We are no longer beholden to Cienega, Rincon Valley Fire Department, Santa Rita Shrine, or the Vail School District to do ministry. We can go where God leads us unhindered by those constraints. I wonder where He will lead?

And I am blessed. I am blessed to be a part of such a great team of people. Each one of you brings a unique gift from God to our congregation. I look at the dedication of so many people and I truly am moved with sincere gratitude for your hard work.

The fish weren’t biting. In fact, they were all gone off to a convention or something. But no matter. God’s creation is a blessing enough. And that includes you.

Pastor David Hook

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