Oct 12, 2014

Sermon Questions 10-12-14

Sermon Questions 10-12-14

Has anyone in your family ever left money for a foundation for a legacy?  Is there a memorial to anyone in your family?  Describe that situation to the rest of the group.

Jesus said to “Store up your treasures in heaven”. From Sunday’s sermon, what does this mean?

Do you think there are rewards in heaven for the work we do on this earth?  If so, what do you think those rewards are?

The story of the prodigal son is about two brothers (See Luke 15:11-32).  One did everything he was supposed to do and the other rebelled and did almost everything wrong.  Do you think that the older brother has more, or less, or the same rewards as the younger brother in heaven?

If everyone in heaven is in perfect communion with Christ and there is no sorrow, how can we have rewards for some in heaven for their many good works and not as many rewards for others because they didn’t have as many good works?  Doesn’t this create a situation where some may be more envious of others?

Roman Catholicism teaches the concept of purgatory.  This is a temporary place or state where Christians will go after death.  They stay in purgatory until they have reached sufficient holiness to enter into heaven.  This concept seems very compatible with “Stars in your crown”, i.e., the more good works we do on earth, the less time we spend in purgatory.  What do you think about the concept of purgatory?  Is it helpful?  Is it harmful?

Even though some day all of Christ Lutheran Vail’s buildings may be gone, how can they be used today so that treasures are stored in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy?


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