Jan 18, 2015


Sermon Question January 18, 2015

Ephesians 4:1-7

Have you ever had any moments of “Shameless Audacity” in your life?  Describe them to the group.

In verse 1, Paul calls himself a prisoner of the Lord.  Why?

How does Paul say a Christian is to live?  What are specific attitudes associated with the Christian walk?

Paul says to be completely humble.  Read Romans 3:23.  How does this verse help the Christian to be humble?

What does it mean to bear up one another in love?  What are practical examples?

In verse 3, Paul says that Christians should make every effort in Unity.  What is the typical cause of disunity?  Can Christians be 100% sure that their position is correct?  If a Christian believes they are correct but in the minority, what should they do?

Was Luther wrong?  Why or why not?  What else could he have done?

There are 30,000 denominations in the United States.  Is that good or bad?  Why?  How can the church be unified?

The “Big Idea” of Lutheran theology is that “We are saved by grace through faith”.  Is this theology one that unites or divides?  How?

Verse 5 has reasons why the church is unified.  List them.

How do the ideas in Verse 5 unify the church?

What does that mean in practical terms?


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