Feb 15, 2015


Sermon Questions February 15, 2015

Is the church today “Insider” or “Outsider”?


  • Discuss what makes it an Insider
  • Discuss what makes it an Outsider


Who answers the “Who, what, where and when” of our community? (Vail, Rita Ranch)

When Christ Lutheran Vail Church first started, we were definitely "Outsiders".  What are we today?

In what way are we "Insiders"?

In what way are we "Outsiders"?

How can the church love the Vail community?

What programs, buildings, events can we do that express love for the community?

Is the church being persecuted in the United States?

According to Romans 12:10-16, how should the church respond?

A church that lives missional community does these things:


  • Finds broken people and loves them with the power of the Gospel
  • Loves the community through events and programs for the community
  • Shares the stories about how the Gospel has changed lives


Should the church embrace “Missional Community”

Christ Lutheran Vail’s Goal is, “Everyone needs family”

By this, we mean that Sin has caused broken relationships in the community around us.  We are too busy, too stressed, and too unchurched to see the impact on relationships.  BUT God wants everyone to be a part of His family.  When you are a part of God’s family, you have a solid strong relationship on which to build every other relationship in your life.

When we say “Everyone needs Family” we are saying that everyone needs life-giving relationships that are not transactional, but loving and filled with joy.  If you know you are loved, you can love others.

How can “Everyone needs Family” translate into Missional Community?

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