Feb 22, 2015

Sermon Questions 022215

Sermon Questions February 22, 2015

Today we discussed God's grace, the human nature of Christ, the divine nature, and the woman caught in Adultery.

I know ...a very eclectic sermon.  But oh well.

1) Let's start with the Divine Nature and the Human Nature of Christ.  The Divine and Human natures are two natures joined together in Jesus.  When He suffers - He does this according to the human nature.  When he performs miracles - that is according to the divine nature. Read the following passages of scripture.  Which nature is Jesus using?


  • Matthew 4:1-11
  • Matthew 2:2
  • Mark 15:39
  • John 21:17
  • Luke 2:52
  • John 8:1-11
  • His Passion (Life, death, resurrection) in all accounts of the Gospel
2)  The doctrine of joining together the two natures is the Hypostatic Union.  Both natures need to be there.  If one is missing, you don't get a full picture of Jesus.  So, the Jehovah Witnesses focus on only Jesus' human nature.  The Christian Scientists only focus on his divine nature.  Why do you think this is such a difficult concept to grasp?
3)  The woman caught in adultery was "caught" in adultery.  Pretty shut and dried case.  Read Leviticus 20:10.  What is the punishment for Adultery.  Are there any other caveats?
4)  Should the woman have been stoned?  Why?  Why not?
5)  What do you think Jesus wrote in the sand?
6)  Read Matthew 5:27-28.  How does Jesus redefine adultery?  In Lurid Detail tell everyone in your group how you have committed this sin in the last week.  Actually - I am kidding.  I asked that to prove a point.  We all have bad sins in our lives.  Jesus covers those sins.
7)  Think to yourself. What would Jesus write about you in the sand?


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