Jun 17, 2015

SDG Architects.

Christ Lutheran Vail Church has selected SDG Architects for their next construction phase.  SDG is based in east Tucson, Arizona, and specializes in church designs.  Scott Feltheim, the Principal Architect, brings years of experience in designing buildings of all shapes and sizes.  Christ Lutheran Vail is proud to bring SDG to the design of our next buildings.

From the SDG Website:

"We wish to enable our clients to achieve the best results in residential, religious and commercial architecture based on the philosophy that relationships are the primary drivers in the design process.  Great architecture is the product of the interweaving of many personalities and experiences, all working together to achieve a common goal.  Our wish is for every aspect of the building process, from initial design to final occupancy, to be a positive experience for everyone involved and in a God honoring fashion: Soli Deo Gloria."

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