Sep 13, 2015

Definitions for the 300 Building

300 Building – A construction process for the next phase of Christ Lutheran Vail.  The 100 and 200 buildings exist today, so this phase starts with the 300 building but could include more than one building.

Planning Horizon – a point in time for which planning is done for a site or building.

Sanctuary – A place of refuge.  A place for prayer, worship and stillness before God.  A Sanctuary can allow for other uses, such as weddings, funerals, Bible studies and other reverent activities.  A Sanctuary typically has fixed seating.

Sacristy – A room adjacent to the chancel for storage of liturgical elements.

Chancel – Space in the church reserved for altar

Nave - Where the congregation is seated in a traditional cathedral.

Narthex – Area to congregate in before entering the worship space (historically called the nave)

Worship Space – Any space where worship is conducted.  Cienega High School is a Worship Space.

Clerestory – Area Joining two different roof sections with vertical wall, Install clerestory windows in vertical wall either fixed or open able.

Multi-purpose Facility.  Any space where there are multiple uses.  A multi-purpose space typically does not have fixed seating.  Worship can occur in a multi-purpose facility, but during the week there may be other uses within the space.  Multi-purpose spaces can be designed in a way that looks and feels like a sanctuary.  While one could limit the potential uses in a multi-purpose facility, this is not typically done.   However, the more ornate the space, the fewer uses.  When used for worship, a multi-purpose space can be made to feel very much like a sanctuary.

Commercial Kitchen - Production-kitchen cooking equipment often includes ranges, gas ovens, fryers, griddles and similar finishing equipment that operates at high temperatures and produces substantial heat, grease, odor and other products of combustion. Producing grease is the key distinction between cooking and warming. When grease is produced, an operator will be required to have a commercial grease hood, fire protection and a substantial grease trap. This also requires increased mechanical systems for exhaust ducts and fans.

Warming Kitchen - Warming or satellite kitchen usually assumes that food has been prepared else-where and is just warmed, reheated and plated in that area. Food warming usually takes place between 200 and 300 degrees, versus cooking, which can be at 400 to 500 degrees. A finishing or warming kitchen can use electric heated ovens and warmers, which in many areas do not require a rated grease hood or fire protection system. Warming food that’s cooked in another facility utilizes an enclosed box or cavity like an oven that doesn’t produce much external grease or heat. Finishing or warming kitchen equipment may include small electric ovens, toasters, sandwich grills, microwaves, low-wattage portable electric burners and small, counter top steam kettles or soup warmers.

Classroom – A room that can be used for various uses.   There is no dedicated user for a classroom unless it has been specifically assigned.

ECE Classroom – A room that is primarily for early childhood.

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