Oct 19, 2015


Mark your calendars for November 8th when Christ Lutheran Vail will celebrate our 10-year anniversary. It will be a time of worship, food, games and fellowship. Here is a preliminary schedule for the day: 10:00Worship in the parking lot at Christ Lutheran Vail Church. There will be some parking available in the parking lot, but please find parking along the street or across the street. 11:00 – 1:00 Food.  The Junior and Senior High youth will provide lunch for the day.  This will be a fundraiser for the youth to attend the National Youth Gathering in the summer of 2016. 11:00 –
1:00 Games. There will be a Train, Corn hole, Ring Toss, Basketball, and more.  We’ll also have a dunk tank so warm up your pitching arm! 12:00 – Pumpkin Chunkin.  Create a pumpkin-chunkin machine or slingshot. Christ Lutheran Vail will provide pumpkins for the day.  We’ll have a contest to see how far you can toss a pumpkin.  12:45 – Ten Minute choir.  Meet at the Entrance to the 100 building for a quick rehearsal and then sing at the Time Capsule. 1:00 – Ceremony at the Time Capsule.  The Time Capsule will be a weather-protected enclosure approximately 10” by 20” by 20”.  If you want to add something to the time capsule bring it to the ceremony and we’ll see if we can add it to the container.  We praise God for all He has done for Christ Lutheran Vail.  We look forward to what He will do for the next 10 years.

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