Apr 4, 2018

Building Committee Information

The building committee has been hard at work and would like to update you on their progress:

They have accepted a  design that will hold over 325 people and this has been approved by the BOMD

  • The projected cost cost is around $1.6 million but this could change through Value Engineering.
  • G &J Development INC has been selected as the contractor.
  • There should be adequate storage to support the needs of the congregation for the next 3- 5 years.
  • The proposed timeline shows that the new multi-purpose sanctuary would be constructed by the summer of 2019.
  • There will be a Town Hall meeting on April 29th to discuss the concept, cost, and timeline and determine if the congregation should move forward.

If you have any question please e-mail  Tony Smith or see one of the building committee members.

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