Mar 21, 2020

21 Days Together

Are you looking for encouragement, hope, prayer, and action during this time
of crisis for our world?

21 Lutheran churches have banded together to create the #21DaysTogether movement. Starting March 19, each church will be providing three videos per day (except Sundays) at 6am, 9am and 12pm Vail, AZ time. These videos are intended to inspire, encourage, and provide hope.

Their goal is simple and straightforward - to bring as many people together as possible to share encouragement and hope during this unprecedented time.  This is also a  call to prayer and action for the sake of our communities and our world.

You can like, follow and share them on their Facebook page: 21 Days Together or find the videos on their website: 21 Days Together

Not awake at 6am? Miss a video?  Not to worry!  All the videos are posted - you can catch up on either the Facebook page or the website at any time.

21 Days Together says, "Let's build a gigantic community of love, support, and action! We are so much stronger together!"

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