Apr 8, 2020

Good Friday 2020

On Good Friday this year, spend time reflecting on the events of the day.

Christ Lutheran Vail is not able to gather on Good Friday, but the day has always been one of solitude and reflection.

This audio will allow you to spend time with the Creator of the Universe and reflect upon the events of this holy day.

The audio starts with a confession of sins to prepare for this reflection – and then a word of God’s grace.

This preparation is followed by seven stations. 

At each station there is a reading from the Prophet Isaiah, a reading from a Gospel, a prayer and a chant.

Find a quiet place in your community, away from others.  Start the audio and reflect on the day.  At the end of each station, you may pause the recording and move to another station. Use this time to reflect upon the great sacrifice of God to deliver you from this present evil age.

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