Dec 17, 2020

Board Candidates 2021

For the upcoming voter's meeting, there are three candidates for the Board of Ministry Directors.  For each candidate, we asked them questions about their impact by serving on the BOMD. The following are their responses.

Chuck Bersbach

Please tell about your desire to be one of the BOMD members:

I am very passionate about our church's mission to ‘make loving disciples’ and to follow and worship God.  Being on the board allows me to actively participate in God’s plan for CLV and our community.  It has been my honor and privilege to be a member of the board for nine of the past twelve years.  Over that time I have seen God grow and bless our community and I look forward to seeing what His plan is for us in the years to come!

Please provide a brief Bio about you and your church background:

I grew up in a wonderful loving family who taught me by example who God is and how much he loves me.  I was raised Catholic/Episcopalian and was an acolyte, reader, greeter, and active member from as far back as I can remember.  I attended St. Cyril Catholic School from 4-8th grade and then Salpointe Catholic High School.  After college my wife Heather and I were married at St. Alban’s where we led the youth group for a number of years.  We moved to Vail and began attending CLV in 2008.  I was elected to the board a few months later and I have been serving on the board regularly ever since then.  I also help teach the confirmation class and am an active participant in the youth group, sprouts, set up/tear down crew, men’s Tuesday night bible study, and maintenance maniacs.  Recently I have been helping with the sound board and lighting.  I also enjoy participating in CLV’s community events like Trunk or Treat, Colossal 4th, helping hands, and packing food events.  God has been so good to me and my family.  I have been blessed with many opportunities to see His work in Vail and at CLV.

What strengths will you bring to the BOMD:

My talents lie in analytical work, team building and group leadership which I use regularly in my day job as an engineer.  The focus of the board is long term strategic planning and ensuring our actions as a church reflect the mission and vision God has given to us.  My goal, therefore, is to ensure CLV continues to be a life-changing connection to Christ in our world.  Additionally, I bring nine years of history and experience to the board.

Where does your passion lie for the BOMD?

My passion lies with active outreach to our community and especially to our youth.  We have a message of hope and life that we must share with a hurting and suffering world.  CLV can be a light of hope and a source of comfort and support to Vail.   We must find ways to communicate the hope that we have.   

What ministries are you involved in at CLV?

Most of these I have listed in my church bio because I see my involvement as part of who God has called me to be.  I have also been a Foster parent, Stephen Minister, helped with CLV Wednesday’s, Lifetree Cafe, been a chaperone to the National Youth Gathering and multiple Youth Connects events, Touchpoint (our attendance software), computer hardware and software maintenance for the church, and had the privilege to be a part of the purchasing process for most of the buildings we have on our campus.   

Sarah Curley

Please tell about your desire to be one of the BOMD members:

I want to learn more about the workings of CLV. I also am interested in the opportunity to serve and have a voice in CLV’s growth and direction. 

Please provide a brief Bio about you and your church background:

I grew up on the NW side of Tucson and my family was an active founding member of a local Catholic church. I was a youth leader and served as a lector and Eucharistic Minister.

I earned my BA in Philosophy from Gonzaga University, received a graduate certificate in publishing from the University of Denver Publishing Institute, and have a Master of Legal Studies from the University of Arizona College of Law. I taught English at a university in South Korea for five years, and currently work at Raytheon and live in Vail with my husband and daughter.

What strengths will you bring to the BOMD:

Critical and strategic thinking, the ability to look at an issue from multiple angles, diplomacy, collaboration, copyediting, the ability to form positive relationships and connect the dots between people or ideas. 

Where does your passion lie for the BOMD?

I'd have to say my passion is having well-defined plans and paths to success, so I'd like to help ensure the long-term strategic plans for CLV are thoughtfully communicated and stay on track.

What ministries are you involved in at CLV?

I am part of the key leaders, in the connect ministry, and am a member of LWML.  

Tony Smith

Please tell about your desire to be one of the BOMD members.

As a member of Christ Lutheran Vail Church for the past 14 years, I feel I have a lot to offer to help bring the Church to the next level.  I am driven to help make CLV a church that can grow and call home to more families in the Vail community.  We currently have several ministries that are helping the community and we need to grow these ministries which in turn will grow our congregation and make loving disciples!

Please provide a brief Bio about you and your church background.

I was born and raised in Dayton Ohio and attended a Baptist church.  Heike and I were married in 1987 in her Lutheran Church in San Antonio Texas.  Our children, Cody and Kelsey were also baptized in the same Church.  Once we left Texas, we continued to go to church, but were not members in the community church but in the military Protestant chapel.  

After 27 years in the Air Force and being station in all parts of the world, I retired from Air Force in 2007.  I was a Code Enforcement Inspector for the City of Tucson for 10 years and I am now a Lead Fire Inspector with Tucson Fire. Heike and I have found a family at CLV and we feel incredibly happy to call it home. 

What strengths will you bring to the BOMD?

I spent my entire adult life saving lives as a Fire Fighter/EMT, making the base or city a safe place to work, play and live. I feel my leadership and management skills have given me the tools to get things done.  I believe that the Church can benefit from everyone working together in the same direction.  To be successful as a team moving forward, you must listen to everyone’s concerns and opinions with respect to getting them to be part of the team.  

Where does your passion lie for the BOMD? (Worship, Buildings, Children, Youth, Care, Etc.)

I am one of the members that people call when they need to get things done.  I have no problem getting my hands dirty and working hard for the cause.  I am the chairman of the Building Committee and I am passionate about moving our church forward.  

What ministries are you currently involved in at CLV?

Chairman of the building committee, Church set up crew, Church Usher, and helping do remodeling and upkeep on all the Ministry Building.  I have also helped with MOPS, 10 Year Anniversary, Ramada project and the Christmas Tea as well as assisted with the building of our new storage building. 

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