2018 Voter's Meeting Information and Agenda

The 2018 Voter's Meeting is December 9, 2018 immediately following worship in the Cienega High School cafeteria auditorium.

The meeting agenda is shown below. Click on highlighted items to see additional detail:

2018 Voters' Meeting Agenda

Voting for the new Board of Ministry Directors
Doug Newell - Second Term
Dan Lowe - Second Term
Stephen Mitchell - First Term
Voting for President Elections for the 2019 LCMS Synodical Convention.
Motion to elect Chuck Bersbach as elector for the 2019 LCMS Synodical convention. 
Motion to nominate the following ordained ministers for the 2019 LCMS election:
David P.E. Maier (Michigan District President)
Timothy Klinkenberg (Pacific Southwest District Pastor)
1st Vice President:
Scott C. Sailer (South Dakota District President)               
Jacob A. O. Preus (President Emeritus, Concordia University Irvine)
West Regional Vice President:  
Larry A. Stoterau (Pacific Southwest District President Emeritus)
Dan Schepmann (Texas District Pastor)
Note:  Christ Lutheran Vail is a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. In 2019 each congregation is allowed to vote for the Synodical President through the Pastor and one lay elector.  Chuck Bershach has agreed to be the elector.  Pastor Hook recommends the listed names for nomination to the LCMS positions.  Further details about this process are found on the LCMS website.
Voting for the 2019 Deacons
Motion to elect Larry Unger and Gene McNinch to serve as Deacons performing those  functions of the Office of Public Ministry including word and sacrament functions as  directed and under the supervision of  the Senior Pastor of  Christ Lutheran Vail Church  for the 2019 Calendar Year.
Voting for the 2019 Ministry and Financial Plan
Motion to approve the 2019 Ministry and Financial Plan.
Please Note that there will be two question and answer sessions where you may ask the Board or staff additional questions about any of these items. These will be held on Sunday, December 2nd directly after worship and Wednesday, December 5th at 6:30 PM. On Wednesday evening, Chuck Bersbach will be present in the Main Ministry center.  If you have any trouble finding Chuck or the meeting ask any staff member and he will be located for you.

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