MOPS is an awesome program for any and all mothers with preschool children, infant through kindergarten. MOPS believes that mothering matters and YOU, as a mother, have value and what you do is important! Mothers with young children need encouragement, friendship and insight, and to know that they're not alone as they nurture and tend to the growth of their families!

Mothers of preschoolers are not all the same age but they are all in the same phase of life. These are women with different lifestyles, different backgrounds and experiences, some from a church, and many who are not...but each with similar needs and a shared desire to be the best moms they can be!

MOPS provides a caring and safe atmosphere for today's mothers of preschoolers by allowing them to share concerns and creativity, and to build lasting relationships while receiving encouragement from a Christian perspective.

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The staff of the MOPPETS program wants to make coming to MOPS an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both you and your child. To accomplish this, we provide a loving staff and a safe, sanitary and pleasant environment. It is our desire to help children learn of God's special love for them.

MOPPETS infants and toddlers will have an informal setting in which they will interact with each other and their teachers in a guided manner with music often playing in the rooms and little story books being read individually to children.

MOPPETS age two through kindergarten will have a lesson, which will include a Bible story, a craft, and song and/or finger play time. They will also have playground time and a snack.

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